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When a giant toy company makes a movie based on a board game, the bar is pretty low.  Not that Battleship isn’t a classic game, but there was never much story involved.  Forced to come up with original plot for a license, the resulting verdict is bleak.  In addition to the mediocre assault on moviegoers this past weekend.  It seems that Hasbro also neglected to provide for the one possible compensation due to disgruntled fans.  According to my sources, not only did Liam Neeson never utter the line “You sunk my Battleship!”, but the line was omitted from the movie entirely!


Click here to view the video on YouTube.


So if you were on the fence, I just saved you some money.  Hopefully a mediocre box office result will delay the upcoming production on some other poorly considered Toys-becoming-movies.  Or at the very least, maybeStretch Armstrong will be stretchy, and the Monopoly man will live at Park Place.

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