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Muppets are immortal

Like many Muppet fans I grew up with the franchise, and I have high hopes for the soon to be released movie.  As a retail buyer I expect a return of a classic brand to bring with it a slew of merchandise, be it classic re-released items of newer interpretations.  As the Thanksgiving release date for the Muppets Movie approaches however, there is little to no merchandise being made available to support the popularity of this established cast of characters.  Considering the amount of merchandising effort put into some recent releases, it is hard to understand what climate mix of corporate palm greasing and internet anticipation is required to create merchandise around a release date.

Better than Ryan Reynolds

From my perspective the Muppet Movie license is a safer bet than many of the brands currently on offer to both mass and independent retailers.  This Jim Henson creation has the benefit of a built in fanbase of adults who have been raised on a carefully curated brand.  Looking at the celebrity guest list on the imdb page would clue any skeptic in to the potential of this film.  Meanwhile the younger generation may be rather unaware of the Muppets, but Sesame Street has prepared them for the awesome they are soon to experience.

Don’t Blink

Confusingly, there is some Fraggle Rock merchandise available at the moment, so if you really need some classic Jim Henson toys, that would be a good starting place.  Toy Joy is going to keep searching for cool Muppet products.  Feel free to drop me a line if you have any leads!  In the meantime, continue the anticipation with another trailer:

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