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Yes, I’m excited

I’m a pretty busy lady this time of year, but I know the one holiday tradition I will somehow find time for is my annual dosage of Rankin-Bass.  (Sorry, the website is truly horrible.)  Of course you are most likely familiar with this quite popular seasonal favorite, but I have my own personal classic:


Click here to view the video on YouTube.


The Puppetoon inspired Rudolph characters are so popular they are being featured in a series of Bing ads this season.  It won’t make the search engine work any better, but they certainly are cute!

On top of all the Christmastide classics, Rankin-Bass also rendered a quite sizable chunk of my Animation-heavy childhood.  Take a look at their accomplishments over at IMDB.  There is bound to be something on the list to surprise you.  The quality of animation produced by this team is astounding, and they make my work-intensive holiday season a little briter!

Imortallity is a snowman





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