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Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Trolls are back!  Originally created in 1959 in Denmark by Thomas Dam, these strange characters were a collectible oddity in the 60s, and a toy craze through the 80s and 90s.  You probably owned a few, but still can’t remember why exactly.

Dark Horse will be releasing a simple, classic version of everyone’s favorite Danish creature later this month.  Familiar troll faces, decked out in pop art colors and secret blind box packaging!  Check out the special images of my preview copy!  Thanks for the photos Trevor!

These quirky dolls hold a special significance for me, as Trolls are one of the first licensing mysteries I unraveled at Toy Joy.  The constant requests by customers led me to research the complete lack of Troll merchandise available.  Information was not easy to come by, just check out the outdated official website!  Some serious toy-sleuthing turned up some disappointing results.  Long story short, poor manufacturing standards and some dubious licensing led to a drawn out legal battle that cooled the once high popularity of this nostalgic keepsake.

Toy Joy will begin carrying this cute little dudes on July 25th!  Keep an eye on their facebook page for updates, they have some pretty awesome surprises in the works!

Internet rumors of a Troll movie loom in the future.  Since the simple message of nostalgic brands tend to become mutated during the film process, I sincerely hope these are rumors.  In the meantime I will be celebrating the return of my old friends.

Happy Summer of Trolls!

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