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Having just returned from San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), you’re gonna have to deal with a couple related posts.  Sorry!   Regardless, one of my favorite experiences this past con was the Cartoon Network Artshow!  Celebrating their 20th Anniversary of collecting and creating amazing animation with over 100 pieces of original artwork, by both staff artists and friends.

Guess Who?

I’ve been a fan of Cartoon Network for so long, it was great to see so many different interpretations of my favorite characters.  It was oddly telling though which series were selected by the artists.  Overwhelming show favorite was Adventure Time, despite being a rather recent arrival.  Also popular: Power Puff Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and Flapjack.

Looking for more?  The gallery information is available here, although the show seems to have ended.  Maybe it will stop by a couple other locations!


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