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Where’d they go?

On a recent visit to Dragon’s Lair Comics, I happened to come across this ad in the back of a Wonder Woman comic.  I can’t remember anything about the issue now, but I still have a burning desire for these shoes.  A desire that is doomed to remain unfulfilled.  I was unfortunately late in my discovery of this amazing advance in footwear, when I finally navigated through the inadequate and bumbling Journey’s webstore (they had an exclusive), the only available design of Catwoman shoe was sold out, slated to return in December.  (What, noBlack Canary?!)


When I returned to the virtual retailer yesterday, finally committed to a placing a pre-order, I was even more disappointed.  The shoes had disappeared!  For a while I was almost worried that I had imagined them.  After a bit of searching I did find evidence of their existence, but no word on the possible return of my pretties.  So what’s the deal Converse?  Did you not make enough shoes to sate the fans of Catwoman?  Are you trying to phase them out and move on to less awesome shoes?  Please bring them back, I might even visit a mall for them! (shudder)

You know she’d wear them!

Hopefully this is just an underwhelming beginning to a future of amazing licensed shoes for adults.  I am so tired of being jealous of the 5 year-olds at the store.  I want cool shoes too!  How about chucks featuring Rainbow Brite and all her color kid friends?  Or a special eco-friendly Captain Planet line?  I’d buy that!

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