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There's a surprise in your mailbox!

There’s a surprise in your mailbox!

I love surprises!  But only when the surprises are custom tailored to my needs, and arrive in cute packaging.  That’s what makes my job at Toy Joy such fun, everyday is full of surprises, and most of the surprises I selected myself, and then forgot about.  In the interest of sharing more fun surprises with the world, toyjoy.com has recently expanded it’s selection of Subscription packages!  What does a subscription package look like?  Well, something like this:



This is what arrived in mailboxes during one month of Toy Joy’s Tiny Toy Subscription.  It easiest to think of it like a magazine subscription, but once a month you get toys instead!  (Extra perk: recycled paper envelopes.)  The Tiny Toy Subscription is very classic.  Many recipients see it as a mini trip to Toy Joy, delivered to their home.  There are a lot of little fans as well, what child wouldn’t be excited by a delivery like this?



Not manly enough?  The Mustache of the Month club is calling your name!  This temporary facial hair service supplies recipients with a monthly mustache, and an added bonus: custom sticker trading cards, designed to match that month’s delivery!  This kit is not only for manly men of course, but also for sufferers of facial hair envy.



Looking for something cuter?  The newest subscription launch is purrrfect for you!  The Hello Kitty Stationary Subscription supplies monthly deliveries of the cutest stationary and desk jewelry around, to satisfy your recurring craving for pink erasers and tiny stickers.  Allergic to cute?  You probably have someone on your shopping list who would trade three apples for these deliveries.

We want to hear your thoughts, so please add a comment below!  Is there a missing subscription?  Have an experience with a Toy Joy subscription service?  Let us know, one lucky commentator will receive a free 6 month tiny subscription service!  OOOhhh, prizes!




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