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he’s pointing at you!

Two months ago I wrote a quick viewing guide for Jem and the Holograms (because everything needs instructions!).  Lamentably absent from that list was Season 3, which had not yet been released to Netflixinstant viewers.  Apparently the demand was great, and now the most wonderful and weird season of 80′s cartoon rock magic are streaming on our screens!  Yes, you to can now enjoy the ridiculousness known as the Stingers!

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Hasbro was not content with the love triangle existing between Jerrica, Jem (Jerrica’s secret identity), and Rio (Jerrica’s official bf) (and yes, Jerrica has a love triangle, with Herself!).  The Stingers were thrown into the mix to give Jem/Jerrica a tactile distraction from Rio, and an additional band of rivals for the Holograms to battle.  Riot (Bon Jovi with MORE hair?), Minx (the sexy one), and Rapture (the evil one), definitely made an impression on me as a child.  Unlike the Misfits, the Stingers appear to be legitimately talented.  They are also horrible role models, and as slutty and depraved as 1980′s sensors would allow.  If I ever take a sick day, I may spend it editing together all of Riot’s hand gestures into one strange tribute video.


Season 3 is also lamentably short, so I don’t know if a viewing guide is really necessary.  I recommend watching them all of course, with libations and some very witty friends.  If you just want to watch one episode to find out how great this season is, I recommend S3, ep 60 “The Day the Music Died”.  It involves kidnapping, sabotage and forgery.  And that’s excluding the hijinks the Misfits get up to!

Here is a bonus screen cap.  This episode originally aired in 1988 btw:

See it? – episode 64, Nirvana’s TV debut

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