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Outrageous News!  Season 1 & 2 of Jem and the Holograms is now available on Netflix instant!  You know I couldn’t let this go by without a mention, and maybe something extra.  So, if you are looking for some rock and roll, read on!

3 different episode menus, for 3 different Jem personality types.  Keep in mind I’m a bit limited by the lack of Season 3 here….

Raya – the eager new fan

Episode 6 – Starbright, Part 1: Falling Star

Episode 7 – Starbright, Part 2: Colliding Stars

Episode 8 – Starbright, Part 3, Rising Star

You know you love Jem and the Holograms, but quite frankly you’re a bit of a poser.  You could stand to brush up on the basics in fact.  Don’t make the starlight girls mistake of starting with episode 1 “The Beginning”, it’s not that great.  Besides, you get a classy voice over recap for the first 10 episodes anyways.  The Starbright series will introduce you to all the original cast, and their various foibles.  Spoiler: Kimber is a floozy.

Lin-Z - the commentator

Episode 9 – The World Hunger Shindig

Episode 27 – The Talent Search Part 1

Episode 28 – The Talent Search Part 2

Episode 31 – The Bands Break Up

You’re already a fan of Jem and her crew, or you’re willing to pretend you are when they’re within earshot.  You already know the basics, you’re looking for the plot points.  A little scandal on the side would be good too.

Clash – the hater

Episode 22 – Intrigue at the Indy 500

Episode 29 – Scandal

Episode 43 – the Presidential Dilema

Episode 49 – Journey through Time

You hate Jem and the Holograms so much, you’re about to watch 4 episodes!  In your defense, it’s really all about the Misfits.  And making fun of those pastel-haired whimps!  This selection includes Jem racing Pizzazz to the death, a roller disco, and some serious Techrat technology.  Plus a lot of Misfits Mischief.  Go get ‘em girls!

Comment below, and tell us what selection you will be watching!  Or just start yelling your fav Jem quotes!  “I hate deception, and I despise liars!”

Jem Episode recommendations

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