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Published on June 12, 2012, by in Design, Netflix.

Victorious laughter!

We all know that the internet is not a place for gloating, so I will keep this brief.  Last Wednesday the amazing folks running Geeks Who Drink at the Highball has a Mad Men Trivia night.  My clever group spent a week studying up, a day getting dressed, and a night celebrating our triumph.  Seriously, it was hard work!  So that’s all folks, really!  The photos are just too pretty though!  I have to post a few more!

Photo by Raine Chism
They’re probably talking about boys!
I wish I could dress like this night!

Many thanks to Trevor Yopp for the kind care and photography!  Many thanks to the Highball and Geeks Who Drink for a lovely night on the town!  Many thanks to my team for being awesome!

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