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It’s 2012!   And as it happens every year in early January, I have celebrated the anniversary of my birth.  Yay!  (I don’t want presents, just follow me on twitter!)  Approaching old age and true adulthood always leads to serious thoughts and mature plans.  Which I have decided to reject this year, along with many of my internet peers.

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This new year BriteShiny will continue to dwell on all of the beautiful, strange characters and cancelled cartoon series that I spend more of my time irl talking about.  If I’m lucky, maybe even working on bringing some reality to those neon-colored shadows. Scattered throughout will be personal blog posts detailing my completely grown-up job selecting the merchandise for Toy Joy, and occasionally getting myself covered in glitter!

Something for merchandisers to remember this year is that with the collective knowledge of the Internets comes a generation of fans who never really forgets.  If someone is having a heated, monetary debate about the unnatural colors existing in Lady Lovely Locks’ mane, a quick Google image search will solve the argument.  And probably lead to 30 minutes of Youtube wanderings and a semi-regrettable eBay purchase.  Long story short, this is the first generation who not only grew up very attached to their childhood pop-culture, but also never unplugged from it!  Yes, we will gladly continue to buy merchandise featuring our favorite Rainbow Brite Characters, but don’t mess with their costume design! When writing about My Little Pony characters,  please double check your reference notes!  (Also note that the Atlantic used one of the classic Pre-G4 ponies, not thedeformed styles currently sold in stores.)

For the first time, when companies look at revamping or re-releasing old licenses, they will need to be considerate of the original fanbase.  This doesn’t mean that redesigns should stop completely, but the market for series like Transformers or Strawberry Shortcake is not just the kids ages 6 -12 that the new show line is targeting, but also the adults who were around for the original shows.  These fans appreciate a little consideration for their dear friends, and are an important market as many of them will be doing the shopping for the 6-12 year old market.  Maybe more brands will follow in the footsteps of the latest Muppet success.

Is there anything specific you want to hear about?  Toy searching secrets?  Favorite lost cartoons?  The evolution of vinyl art?  Please send me questions or leave a comment, I am quite overwhelmed with exciting ideas right now, I need help choosing!

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