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Published on January 17, 2012, by in Design, Toy Joy.

It seems to be a bit late (or way early), to be looking at Christmas Ornaments and Holiday sparkle, but that is the reality of my week.  Toy Joy has become known for it’s eclectic ornament selection (hamburgers! cowboys! Disco!).  In order to support this expectation, we go to market in January to weed through thousands of baubles until we find the perfect specimens.

The process of ordering enough glitz to completely deck out Toy Joy takes several days. Despite the constant background drone of mediocre Christmas music, it is one of my favorite buying trips of the year.  I love trying to pull together all the various ornaments into several distinct themes, ready to put together into displays.  This is really where the magic starts, 11 months before it appears in Toy Joy!

Want to get in on all the magic?  This year, Toy Joy will be offering up our amazing holiday skills to the public, for the first time!  We know it is a lot of fun to shop the trees in store, but if you dream of a special custom theme now is the time.  Contact us now, and we can help you put together festive displays that absolutely no one else has!  (You can email me directly as well!)  No job is too big, just let us know what you need!

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