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Working at Toy Joy, I end up making lots of gift recommendations.  It’s pretty easy to find a list of “hot toys” from the limited selection on amazon or toyrus, but what are the picks in your local gift retailer?  We all know that small businesses carry more unique, edited merchandise, but the selection is often overwhelming.  If you are looking for insider insight into gift giving, read on.  If you could care less, you are probably reading the wrong blog.

Here is my top 5 for this holiday season, whether you are shopping for others, or treating yourself.  Most importantly, many of these items are suitable for a wide variety of ages and recipients, we don’t want to leave anyone out!


1. Rody!

Have you met my friend Rody?  He’s quite friendly, comes in several bouncy sizes, and can make just about anyone happy!  If Rody can’t melt your heart, then we probably shouldn’t be friends.  One of the best pony perks?  The Italian made ride-on sized Rody is safe to 400lb!!  That means for a quite affordable $49.95 you can help just about anyone reclaim their childhood.  Children love him, and adults secretly desire him!

Expect a follow up article soon, detailing this magical pony’s life story and successes.  Until then, find him online and of course inside  Toy Joy (and any reasonably cool toy store)!


2. automoblox

Designed by Calello to push the limited concept of a basic wooden toy car, Automoblox succeed where most diecast cars fail.  In addition to being durable and safe for little ones, these wooden vehicles are designed to inspire.  Each car is segmented and all of it’s parts are fully detachable, so when boredom sets in you can redesign your vehicle!  All the cars in this series feature interchangeable parts.  Great for the budding engineer (large or small), on your list!

3. mimobot

Tech gifts aren’t just for adults, and these whimsical flash drives are utilitarian and durable enough for just about anyone with access to a computer.  Mimobot specializes in creating flash drives with loveable character exteriors to make files more fun.  Keep your latest class project safe Batman, or transfer photos with Hello Kitty!  Can you ever have too much digital storage?

What’s Joker smiling about?



Improve the dialogue in Star Wars!



4. madlibs

It’s the thought that counts right?  This school room classic evokes thoughts and careful considerations both now, and later!  Share this gift around the room, getting everyone to contribute random words to complete the themed paragraphs.  The Star Wars edition is a personal favorite, but there is a theme suitable for everyone on your list.  Educational bonus: since you end up using grammar to fill in the blanks, some of the participants end up getting a refresher on 3rd grade English usage.


5. little plastic bits and bobs

Toy Joy’s acrylic bins are full of the most random assortment of molded plastic ever unleashed on the unsuspecting recipient.  Get a virtual eyeful here. Don’t know what to get for that REALLY special friend?  May I recommend a collection of little things built around a personal theme?  Like animals with hooves, or plastic faces that look hungry?  The truly dedicated fan deserves a Toy Joy subscription.  Envelopes full of miniature fun arriving monthly!  That is true love!

Support the businesses you love this holiday season!!

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