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Keeping educated on the latest and greatest toys is a lot of work, and this year I’m asking for help!  I’ll be hosting an official Meet Up at SXSW to bring together the best and the brightest of tech toy lovers.


Do you have a cool new piece of technology to show off?  Or maybe you are super passionate about a particular toy adorning you desk?  If this describes you in the least, please stop by the Meetup this Friday.  I can’t wait to meet you!!


Kitties love toys too!

Kitties love toys too!


I will, of course be bringing some special toys to show off as well, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise just yet!  You’ll have to be there in person.  Since this is an official SXSW event an Interactive Badge is required to attend.  Want to reschedule?  Leave a comment and maybe we’ll do this again sometime soon!

SXSW Toys for Techies Meetup, Friday March 8, 2013 5pm – 6pm.  Empire, 606 E. 7th Street.

The official SXSW listing can be found here.


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