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Published on May 11, 2012, by in Design, Trending.

If you care about Betsey Johnson and her fashion empire at all, you have probably already heard the grim news.  The closing of over 50 pink-themed boutiques will most likely be the end of this brand in the true fashion world.  There is still hope, as the designer still promises to maintain her Macy’s line with limited runway shows.

One of my favorite dresses! Photo by Jeannie Hampton

While Betsey promises to fight the good fight, as a customer, I have a hard time imaging the brand maintaining the same high end appeal without the allure of the unattainable sequin gowns and boutique experience.  For brands like Betsey Johnson, girls often buy the perfume, hosiery, and purses at the department store as a way of imagining the experience of being a “grown-up” customer.  Without the dream of being able to someday walk-in to their favorite boutique and live out their closet fantasies, will they really want to wear the t-shirt?

Check out the post at Vintage Vandalizm if you want more details on where Betsey is off to!


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