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Sorry, by now the catchy beats of “Gangam Style” must be ringing through your head.  It’s inescapable; K-pop is the cute new kid on the music block and I love cute kids!

In light of all the furor I thought I would throw out a helpful list for the uninitiated.  Keep in mind that this list is by no means studied (there is just TOO much K-pop out there!), but it is an awesome list!  Feel free to watch them individually on this post or head over to the K-pop playlist on YouTube.  I’ll try to update it at some point!

T-ara – Roly Poly

This song is so good an entire musical is being created around it! (no kidding).  It’s also supposedly inspired by the 70s and John Travolta.  In the full version (12 minutes) of the music video you can see them travel back to the time of disco and…VHS recording?  Someone please explain…

2NE1 – I hate you

Supposedly this band’s name can be said as either “twenty-one” or “two anyone”.  Confusion aside, this song is just awesome.  Plus, they get to be cartoons!  You don’t have to understand the lyrics to know that this guy they are leaving is a total jerk.  Also, I usually hate pink Hummers, but I guess animated ones are OK.

BIGBANG – Beautiful Hangover

In comparison to the girl groups, k-pop boys appear rather boring.  Their favorite color scheme seems to be black, and they often come off as Korean translations of the Backstreet Boys (icky).  BIGBANG won me over with this strange video; it’s full of rebranded product, boys wearing lip gloss, and what sounds like a guest rap from Aqua.  Also, I think ALL the boys in this video are prettier than the love interest they cast.  Maybe they wanted to keep the fans from being jealous?

PSY – Right Now

Yeah, you may know all the lyrics to his latest hit, but have you checked out any of his earlier hits?  This man has always been talented, and this song is one of my favorites.  Everytime I get stuck in traffic now, I keep looking around expectantly.  PSY, please start your commuter revolt soon!

Do you have a favorite K-pop video?  Leave a comment, the good ones will get added to the playlist!

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