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Published on August 16, 2013, by in Animation, Design.


If I have to explain the wonders of Don Bluth’s animation to you, this is not the blog you are looking for.  At the risk of alienating kind-hearted souls on the basis of ignorance, I will expend a couple precious sentences for clarity.  Unless you are quite young, you are probably already an unknowing fan of these animated works, but failed to separate them from the onslaught of Disney films from the same era.  Check out Don’s impressive IMDB filmography: Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, Land Before Time, and All Dogs go to Heaven are only the beginning.  11 high quality animated features came out of the creative team of Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, which is where our story begins.


I could go on into a further analysis of the history of american animation and the separation between Don Bluth and Disney, but my current purpose is to merely gush about their recent visit to Austin, TX.  Being in the hometown of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas has it’s advantages.  Not only do we get a consistently top-notch cinema-going experience, but sometimes the experience is a bit more interactive.


Meeting Don and Gary for their Film Festival at the Alamo Drafthouse was a truly unforgettable experience.  How often do you get to meet the creators of your childhood entertainment, and ask all the important questions?!  Now I truly understand the magic behind these movies, and the struggle it took to get them to the screen.Even more unforgettable has been meeting the other fans.  Never have I experienced such friendly and involved Q&As, or dedicated autograph lines.  Gary and Don were patient about meeting everyone, and there were definitely some tears shed.


For now, I’m going to keep my conversations from that weekend secret, but maybe some very well-written questions in the comments section could pry some information out of me!  Give it your best shot!


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