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It’s extra shiny in real life!

In just one week the Shout! Factory DVD release of Jem and the Holograms will be officially available!  This will be the first time that the entire series will be available on DVD, as the 2004 Rhino release was cancelled before Season 3 could be completed.   This is definitely worth investing in if you are into 80?s animation, and while Season 1 is a lot of fun on it’s own, missing out on the Stingers is inexcusable.  I’m certain they would agree.

Being a truly outrageous babe, I managed to get a preview copy (thank you!), and I couldn’t have been happier with the production on this set.  Beautiful menu options, with a not too annoying menu loop.  The Video Jukebox is such a fun option, on each DVD you can choose to watch all the Jem / Misfits / Stingers music videos at once.  It’s like having your own animated, still showing music videos MTV!  This is also the first time I have seen the commercials for the Jem toy line on DVD, it made me want to look through my collection again!  Lots of new interviews with the cast, and if you are into voice acting at all you will appreciate these.  Also, I usually don’t comment on the box, but the original DVD box was so incredibly terrible that it is relieving to see a normal functioning container.  The art is also an improvement, a bit modernized, but still true to the animation.

Of course, I am so picky I have to have a couple of critiques!  The fan interviews were….interesting.  I couldn’t quite comprehend the criteria for “fan”, it seemed to include both JemCon devotees (yes, there is a JemCon!), and loosely related pseudo celebrities.  Also, while the box art for the set is on the whole rather appealing, the cover for season 3 is rather lacking.

This is really the best season, the box is just deceptive

I have no idea where the concept for that outfit came from, I am a bit surprised it made it to production.  Also, I know so many talented artists who would do far superior  DVD cover artwork for very little pay or even free if they happened to be fans of the show.   Why does it seem like DVD cover art is always horrible, whereas comic covers are usually much better than the artwork contained within?

Jem fans, if you own the original DVDs, you may want to hold on to them for the commentary and interviews, but definitely add this new set to your collection.

Excited about the upcoming release?  Check out the Hasbro booth at New York Comic Con.  Feel free to drop me a line if you are there, I almost booked a flight myself when I saw all the exciting rumors about new Jem merch, but I have a lot to do in Austin right now!  I happen to know that Jem herself will be there to promote the DVD release, she may even have some outrageous goodies for Holograms fans!  Also MTV Geek is hosting some virtual Jem excitement on their website.  Quite fitting, if only MTV would completely revert to it’s 80?s existence.

If you are in the Austin, TX area, Toy Joy will be hosting a very special edition of the Saturday Morning Cartoon Cereal Party!

Free Poster!

The above poster (very Nagel!) will be graciously gifted to attendees, so don’t miss out!  This is an original piece of artwork gifted by the gods at Hasbro, and we aren’t likely to see much classic Jem in the near future.  Toy Joy will also be providing some extra freebies, and there will be a sugary cereal buffet to complete that Saturday morning feeling!  Feel free to show up in your PJs, bunny slippers not required.  Stop by and say hi, but you may not recognize me, I will be wearing a holographic disguise!

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