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Published on August 16, 2013, by in Animation, Design.


If I have to explain the wonders of Don Bluth’s animation to you, this is not the blog you are looking for.  At the risk of alienating kind-hearted souls on the basis of ignorance, I will expend a couple precious sentences for clarity.  Unless you are quite young, you are probably already an unknowing fan of these animated works, but failed to separate them from the onslaught of Disney films from the same era.  Check out Don’s impressive IMDB filmography: Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, Land Before Time, and All Dogs go to Heaven are only the beginning.  11 high quality animated features came out of the creative team of Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, which is where our story begins.


I could go on into a further analysis of the history of american animation and the separation between Don Bluth and Disney, but my current purpose is to merely gush about their recent visit to Austin, TX.  Being in the hometown of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas has it’s advantages.  Not only do we get a consistently top-notch cinema-going experience, but sometimes the experience is a bit more interactive.


Meeting Don and Gary for their Film Festival at the Alamo Drafthouse was a truly unforgettable experience.  How often do you get to meet the creators of your childhood entertainment, and ask all the important questions?!  Now I truly understand the magic behind these movies, and the struggle it took to get them to the screen.Even more unforgettable has been meeting the other fans.  Never have I experienced such friendly and involved Q&As, or dedicated autograph lines.  Gary and Don were patient about meeting everyone, and there were definitely some tears shed.


For now, I’m going to keep my conversations from that weekend secret, but maybe some very well-written questions in the comments section could pry some information out of me!  Give it your best shot!



Keeping educated on the latest and greatest toys is a lot of work, and this year I’m asking for help!  I’ll be hosting an official Meet Up at SXSW to bring together the best and the brightest of tech toy lovers.


Do you have a cool new piece of technology to show off?  Or maybe you are super passionate about a particular toy adorning you desk?  If this describes you in the least, please stop by the Meetup this Friday.  I can’t wait to meet you!!


Kitties love toys too!

Kitties love toys too!


I will, of course be bringing some special toys to show off as well, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise just yet!  You’ll have to be there in person.  Since this is an official SXSW event an Interactive Badge is required to attend.  Want to reschedule?  Leave a comment and maybe we’ll do this again sometime soon!

SXSW Toys for Techies Meetup, Friday March 8, 2013 5pm – 6pm.  Empire, 606 E. 7th Street.

The official SXSW listing can be found here.


Ooooh, big!

Ooooh, big!

The continued search for the latest and greatest in toys and distraction led Toy Joy to New York this week.  As the Javits Center hosted the 111th Annual American Toy Fair®, we searched the aisles for fun, and here is what we found:

Spock Box!

Spock Box!

“Captain, there appears to be only toys on this planet.”  What an amazing package for a U.S.S. Enterprise Model!



Toy Joy loves Trolls!  Do you?  Series 3 is looking good, and should be in store in a couple of months.  Until then, you can complete your collection of Series 1 and Series 2!

One of these things is not like the other....

One of these things is not like the other…

Bendable Comic Book Classics, with a Super Classic design!   These figurines are all based off the artwork found in DC: The New Frontier.  They are made out of the same magical bendy material as Gumby, which gives them a bit of an edge over other action figures.  Look for them on Toy Joy’s shelves in May.  Invisible Jet  included.


Sadly some of the toys at Toy Fair are not for sale.  This darling bubble-blowing bear was simply a clever advertising ploy to sell more bubbles!  While the bubbles were awesome, my life will never be truly complete until this bear lives in Austin!

Keep your eyes open for more Toy Fair news, we’ve only just begun to share our awesome knowledge!


There's a surprise in your mailbox!

There’s a surprise in your mailbox!

I love surprises!  But only when the surprises are custom tailored to my needs, and arrive in cute packaging.  That’s what makes my job at Toy Joy such fun, everyday is full of surprises, and most of the surprises I selected myself, and then forgot about.  In the interest of sharing more fun surprises with the world, toyjoy.com has recently expanded it’s selection of Subscription packages!  What does a subscription package look like?  Well, something like this:



This is what arrived in mailboxes during one month of Toy Joy’s Tiny Toy Subscription.  It easiest to think of it like a magazine subscription, but once a month you get toys instead!  (Extra perk: recycled paper envelopes.)  The Tiny Toy Subscription is very classic.  Many recipients see it as a mini trip to Toy Joy, delivered to their home.  There are a lot of little fans as well, what child wouldn’t be excited by a delivery like this?



Not manly enough?  The Mustache of the Month club is calling your name!  This temporary facial hair service supplies recipients with a monthly mustache, and an added bonus: custom sticker trading cards, designed to match that month’s delivery!  This kit is not only for manly men of course, but also for sufferers of facial hair envy.



Looking for something cuter?  The newest subscription launch is purrrfect for you!  The Hello Kitty Stationary Subscription supplies monthly deliveries of the cutest stationary and desk jewelry around, to satisfy your recurring craving for pink erasers and tiny stickers.  Allergic to cute?  You probably have someone on your shopping list who would trade three apples for these deliveries.

We want to hear your thoughts, so please add a comment below!  Is there a missing subscription?  Have an experience with a Toy Joy subscription service?  Let us know, one lucky commentator will receive a free 6 month tiny subscription service!  OOOhhh, prizes!





Yay!  It’s a brand new year!  Sorry for the belated celebration, but due to some assorted difficulties, I am starting 2013 a little late.  Better late than never though, and I have many things to be excited about.  First up: podcasted!  (that’s a word, right?)



That’s right!  I had the amazing privileged of being interviewed by John W. Smith, of soon to be “Short Story Long” fame.  You can grab a listen here.  A very enjoyable time was had by all!  And by “all” I mean me and my collection of strange toys.  I can’t speak for John.  No spoilers, but below are some additional photos:

John, pretending to be interested in my Jem doll collection.

John, pretending to be interested in my Jem doll collection.

the lady herself

the lady herself

The now famous "pea baby"

The now famous “pea baby”

Now it’s your turn.  Want to hear the pea baby song?  Really curious about just how deep my Jem doll collection goes?  Add a comment or send me an email.  The way this year has started, I will probably need some poking to get to that follow up post!  Or at least to find some batteries.



Published on October 14, 2012, by in Design, Trending.


Sorry, by now the catchy beats of “Gangam Style” must be ringing through your head.  It’s inescapable; K-pop is the cute new kid on the music block and I love cute kids!

In light of all the furor I thought I would throw out a helpful list for the uninitiated.  Keep in mind that this list is by no means studied (there is just TOO much K-pop out there!), but it is an awesome list!  Feel free to watch them individually on this post or head over to the K-pop playlist on YouTube.  I’ll try to update it at some point!

T-ara – Roly Poly

This song is so good an entire musical is being created around it! (no kidding).  It’s also supposedly inspired by the 70s and John Travolta.  In the full version (12 minutes) of the music video you can see them travel back to the time of disco and…VHS recording?  Someone please explain…

2NE1 – I hate you

Supposedly this band’s name can be said as either “twenty-one” or “two anyone”.  Confusion aside, this song is just awesome.  Plus, they get to be cartoons!  You don’t have to understand the lyrics to know that this guy they are leaving is a total jerk.  Also, I usually hate pink Hummers, but I guess animated ones are OK.

BIGBANG – Beautiful Hangover

In comparison to the girl groups, k-pop boys appear rather boring.  Their favorite color scheme seems to be black, and they often come off as Korean translations of the Backstreet Boys (icky).  BIGBANG won me over with this strange video; it’s full of rebranded product, boys wearing lip gloss, and what sounds like a guest rap from Aqua.  Also, I think ALL the boys in this video are prettier than the love interest they cast.  Maybe they wanted to keep the fans from being jealous?

PSY – Right Now

Yeah, you may know all the lyrics to his latest hit, but have you checked out any of his earlier hits?  This man has always been talented, and this song is one of my favorites.  Everytime I get stuck in traffic now, I keep looking around expectantly.  PSY, please start your commuter revolt soon!

Do you have a favorite K-pop video?  Leave a comment, the good ones will get added to the playlist!


Somehow I have managed to steal a couple of minutes from my day to post about the source of my recent distraction.  Toy Joy is a beautiful place, full of artistic people, both amongst our employees and lovely customers.  Tonight is the culmination of months of preparation in a magical night full of playful art and light hearted song.  Curious?  All the details can be found here.  Of course I will be around tonight, but if you can’t make, be sure to check out the art work over the next couple of weeks.  It will be hanging until September 1!

As an added temptation, here are a few of my favorites:


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